One Legged Growing

One Legged Growing

You know when in your head (and on paper) you have a grand plan.

What you are going to do; When you are going to do them; what results you should expect etc. etc.

Then along comes a big spanner and it drops itself into the proverbial works.

Well, in February, the spanner clanged. I suffered a fracture to my Tibial Plateau (i.e. broke a bone inside my knee joint). 7 weeks full leg cast, no weight bearing and then several weeks in a hinged brace (and some weight bearing).

Green CastThat slightly hindered by tree planting, green manure sowing and general plans for growing and planting.

However, I can now bear weight, and with the aid of a few friends and some hired help, I am slowly making growing progress.

I managed to sow seeds in the house and lovely husband transported them to our newly erected polytunnel as soon as I was able to crutch down the track to it. Some of those seedlings are making their way outdoors and I have started first sowings inside the tunnel too – woo hoo!

Enforced sofa time gave me plenty of chances for reading and planning. I have drawn up my plan for the area behind our house – this will consist of herbs, fruit trees and bushes, bamboos and perennials (eventually). More on this plan later!

Forest Garden Plan
Plan for area behind the house

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