What do we want? Loads of Stuff!

What do we want? Loads of Stuff!

Ah, the all important client interview… who wants what, why, when.

Over dinner one evening I grilled (I mean asked) my husband and daughters what they wanted to do more of as a family and what they wanted our home and land to be. I of course put my tuppence worth in the mix too.

Yes, I mean to do this whole shebang as a proper project. The results were interesting


  • Use outside more, do more bike rides and walks
  • Children have more responsibility
  • Children do more cooking
  • Shop locally even more – go to the market every week (Tod market is ace!)
  • Shop ethically
  • Re-use and recycle
  • Get a smaller, eco friendly car & use the car less

The House

  • Collect and use rainwater
  • Look nice, have more art about
  • Improve storage space
  • Energy efficient as possible
  • Warm
  • Improved ventilation, especially in bathroom (get rid of that mould)
  • Use space better
  • Cheerful
  • Have less ‘stuff’
  • Look at alternative energy sources
  • Stop “muddying” the house

The Land

  • Animals – for food and pleasure
  • Produce our own food – Meat, Fruit & Veg
  • Produce our own fuel
  • Look beautiful
  • Manage water
  • Slug control (and think of a way to use slugs – eco blu-tac?)
  • Fun, places to play, kids workshop
  • Ingredients for preserves
  • Make the most of our space
  • Encourage wildlife
  • Space for wood storage
  • Shelter from wind
  • Safe for dogs and animals to run about
  • Somewhere to socialise and eat outside
  • Produce own materials – self supporting
  • Small income stream
  • WWOOFing opportunities and facilities

Not much to achieve then! Kids want an orchard with trampolines under the trees to pick the fruit. I guess inbuilt trampolines surrounding the trunks would act as mulch!

Next to convert this massive list into functions, supporting elements and inputs/outputs. Time to get linking.

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