The Backside – an update

The Backside – an update

Back in May I posted my plans for the land at the back of our house. I am pleased to say that so far, the plan is coming together!

The scented lawn is also coming together. Due to factors outside my control planting out was significantly delayed and the plants were far too long in modules in my polytunnel. In August the stunted plants were planted out with fingers crossed.

Newly planted scented lawn

I managed to sow enough seedlings to cover 3/4 of the area, which I am very pleased with.

The smell of the chamomile and creeping thyme as I transplanted them was heavenly, I can’t wait for them to spread and to sit amid the scent on a warm evening.

We have had A LOT of rain throughout August and the baby plants seem to have survived and are already spreading – so my dream may become a reality!

lawn 2
My feet and the baby plants


The white clover and radish have taken and are working really well. They are suppressing some of the unwanted weeds, and to be fair are making what looked like a patch of barren earth look lush and green. It proves that things will grow too, so perhaps the soil wasn’t as poor as I thought.

My plan is to keep the green manures growing and mulch round any planted trees and bushes to  suppress growth at the planting site.

They have been cut once this summer, and I will allow them to die back over winter and cut regularly throughout next year.

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