Looking backwards and forwards

Looking backwards and forwards

As the seasons change, and I realise summer has most definitely ended, I have taken time, while sitting inside watching trees bend in the wind to think about what I have achieved so far.

  • I grew fruit and veg! Not all of it successfully, but that was the point! I grew little bits of lots of things to see what grew. 4 types of pea may have seemed excessive to some, but only 2 types were productive.
  • I learned that I was not good at remembering to sow seeds regularly so I get a continual crop.
  • I have sown green manures to start building fertility in the area behind my house.
  • I have a grand plan to work towards
  • I have the go ahead from The Woodland Trust to plant a new hedgerow and a small plantation of Hazel Coppice.
  • I have a family that are suporting my endeavours – even if they do sometimes get glazed expressions on their faces
  • I have a Husband who is now wondering where to store sludge from our septic tank and how to (eventually) use it to fertilise all our trees.
  • I made links with a Gin distiller who is interested in using any unusual crops for creating new botanicals.
  • I have planted up my Polytunnel for winter crops


I get frustrated with myself as I have (as do most people) an ever increasing To Do list and limited time to do it, but planning will be my key! In the next week or so, I will be devising a year round ‘To Do This Month’ list, that will help me not to get side tracked, and will (hopefully) help me to master successional planting.

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