Hedgerow Creation

Hedgerow Creation

As you me know I have plans to plant lots of trees and create some hedgerows. Lying in the bath one night, I though “there must be some grants available somewhere.”

A bit of an internet search later (not in the bath – electronic devices and baths don’t mix), and I found that the Woodland Trust did indeed have assistance for certain planting schemes, and they didn’t have to be massive multiple hectare jobs!

I sent them maps and information about what I was hoping to achieve and waited with baited breath.

Today, I received a fabulous email… it said my “recent application for MOREwoods and/or Trees in Hedgerows support has been approved for a site visit.” Fingers crossed all goes to plan and that the meeting with a Woodland Creation Advisor goes well. Once I meet the advisor they will help to produce a personalised woodland design and advise on hedgerow planting.

UPDATE: Or may be not – there is some debate over the length of my proposed hedge…

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